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Lymington Palette Club - Artist's Studio/Shed
Isabel Walker - Happy Morning
Lymington Palette Club - Cliffscape
Diana Macalister - Bottles and Plates


The Palette Club offers Associate and Full membership. Associate membership is open to all with an interest in contemporary art, who would enjoy attending our programme of high quality talks and critiques.

There is no selection for Associate Membership.  We welcome anybody who is interested in art.  See below for an application form.

Full membership is by selection.  The full membership fee for 2019 is £30, which in addition allows artists the opportunity to display their work on our website and to submit up to 4 paintings to be hung in our summer exhibition.

We ask all artists to join the club as Associate members initially, and strongly encourage all those interested in applying for Full membership to first attend several of our regular meetings (normally held on the first Tuesday of every month). This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other. The Associate membership fee for 2019 is £24.

Associate Membership:  Click here if you are interested in joining the club as an Associate Member. (This is a Word file - alternatively click here for a PDF).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): The rules on data protection are becoming "stronger" under GDPR. For the Palette Club this essentially formalises the status quo:   See our GDPR policy.   For further details there are many online pages - see e.g. Wikipedia.


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